An icy slice of abstraction: ‘Wintry’

I love the colour scheme of this one — the blues, the purples. I think it has a very winter feel, hence the name! I’m also quite proud of the smudging, blending background, mixed with the foreground patterns. Well, I guess that’s all I’ve got to say about this one, really! It’s been four months (!) since I made it, so I can’t really describe … Continue reading An icy slice of abstraction: ‘Wintry’

‘Windowsoul’: A window into my…

I really love this next one. From the purples and turquoises, to the smudging outline of the squares, to the swirly-whirly patterns that occur in the overlaps, like an artistic Venn diagram… The reason for the name should be pretty obvious — at the time, it felt (and still does, on occasion) like something that had come from my heart, completely unfiltered. Continue reading ‘Windowsoul’: A window into my…

I’m back! Here’s ‘Whirlwoods’!

Sorry for being AWOL for a while, guys! Really fell behind. No excuses, really — although we are living during a global pandemic, and I am moving to a new apartment next week… But no, no excuses! I’ve got quite a backlog to catch up on, as I’ve still been making things nonstop, even if I haven’t been uploading ’em! So, here we are — … Continue reading I’m back! Here’s ‘Whirlwoods’!

Art that asks a question: ‘Claws or Tentacles?’

I really started to get into making more varied backgrounds with this one — blending multiple colours of similar hue together to give a more textured impression. I really quite like it, along with the patterns at the forefront! Still quite proud of this one. I also quite like the earthy, woody colour palette I chose, too. The name comes courtesy of my partner, who … Continue reading Art that asks a question: ‘Claws or Tentacles?’

‘A Distant Pair of Eyes’: Jagged, tribal and mystical

I think the word ‘mystical’ can be applied to most of my art, in some degree. Don’t want too sound to egotistical there, but I reckon there’s a certain something about these pieces, regardless of technical proficiency. Something within them speaks to me (or else, I wouldn’t bother making them!). I always try to make art that satisfies one condition, first and foremost: to be … Continue reading ‘A Distant Pair of Eyes’: Jagged, tribal and mystical

A spacey, foggy dream of planets: ‘Innerspace’

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” — Carl Sagan I love this piece quite a bit. From the dark purples — which are some of my favourite colours, so mystical and magical! — to the smokey textures, planet-shaped things and wibbly-wobbly patterns (more of these to come!). I dunno about you, … Continue reading A spacey, foggy dream of planets: ‘Innerspace’