Hi there! I’m Josh Insole, and I love to make things. I make art, I write short stories (if you’re interested, click here!), and I record music (if you fancy a listen, I’m on YouTube and SoundCloud). This particular site is dedicate solely (or should that be soul-ly? I’m sorry, that was terrible, I’ll go…) to the artwork that I make.

When I was a very small boy, I dreamt about making a living as an artist. As an adult, I understand that it’s hard to earn money through art, but that hasn’t diminished my passion for such creative pursuits! I like to make psychedelic and dreamy images, mostly through digital means. As a Brit living in the Austrian Alps, I often find myself inspired by the natural beauty of the place — even if my stuff is a bit more abstract!

So put on a pot of coffee or brew some tea. Sit down and take a breather, relax. Spend a few minutes (or hours) gazing into my trippy dreamscapes. I sincerely hope you find something here that you like!

A photo of yours truly, courtesy of yours truly

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